Service 4 (Hutton - Weston - Hutton) Temporary Route Alteration

Service 4 (Hutton - Weston - Hutton) Temporary Route Alteration

by John Dawkins

Due to the closure of Main Road in Hutton, Service 4 will be operating as follows:

A replacement shuttle service will leave Vereland Road every hour from 08:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs, returning from Regent Street (Stop W) at 35 minutes past the hour from 08:35 hrs until 17:35 hrs. This service will serve the Hutton loop and then go direct to the Town Centre only. A timetable for this portion of the journey can be downloaded here.

For connections to Uphill and the Hospital, Service 4 will operate from Regent Street as usual but will terminate at the end of Oldmixon Road by the stables.

Due to the nature of the roadworks schedule, we will update our timetable on a weekly basis and publish any further changes as they happen.

Thank you for travelling with Crosville Motor Services.


  • Mary Brock:

    03 Jan 2014 12:58:36

    Could you please give full details of the route taken by service 4 from Vereland road to Regent Street as from 6/1/14 , will it stop in Main Road?

  • 06 Jan 2014 10:42:18

    Sorry, the bus on Service 4 will not stop in Main Road as there is a diversion in place. After going round the Hutton loop it will go direct to Regent Street via Hutton Hill.

  • Mrs Ellen Davis:

    12 Jan 2014 17:18:06

    Does the bus still go to the hospital from shrubbery Avenue and if they do, what time does it run please in the morning and return from the Hospital